The training curriculum

MIHARA Chie, Committee vice chairperson of Accreditation and Qualification System Committee,
Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

When accreditation is to be received from the Society, the training curriculum stipulated in Chapter 5, Article 18 of the Nutrition Support Team Therapist Accreditation Regulations will be as indicated below.
Also, creation and submission of the specific curriculum for each training will be left to the supervisor.

Training Curriculum Information

  1. Identification of and early response to nutritional disorders (screening method)
  2. Guidance regarding the selection and proper use of nutritional drugs, nutritional solutions, and food
  3. Methods for administering parenteral nutritional supplements through a side tube, and calling attention to changes in the chemical composition
  4. Obtaining the proper dispensing method for parenteral solutions
  5. Planning and monitoring of parenteral nutrition
  6. Guidance regarding hygiene management and proper dispensing methods for enteral nutritional supplements
  7. Planning and monitoring of enteral and oral nutrition
  8. Implementation and understanding the usefulness of the simple suspension method
  9. Prevention of complications related to nutritional therapy, and handling of complications when they occur
  10. Identification of problems and risks related to nutritional therapy
  11. Explanation and guidance to patients and families regarding nutritional management
  12. Guidance regarding nutrition at home and nutrition management methods at non-medical facilities