Program Overview

Program Day 1
OPENING Instructor introduction, JSPEN and TNT overview, explanation of purpose
Chapter 1 Nutritional disorders and their results
Chapter 2 Physiological function and metabolism
Chapter 3 Screenings and nutrition assessments
Chapter 4 Rationale for nutrition therapy
Chapter 5 Micronutrients
Chapter 6 Parenteral nutrition
Box lunch distribution
Workshop 3 Parenteral nutrition and central venous catheters
Chapter 7 Enteral nutrition: application, access, and prescription
Chapter 8 Enteral nutrition: complications and countermeasures
Chapter 9 Enteral nutrition for seriously ill patients
Chapter 10 Nutrition products based on patient's condition
Workshop 1 Evaluating nutritional status and selecting route of nutrition
Workshop 2 Implementing enteral nutrition therapy
Case study Case study
Case study
Program Day 2
Case study Case study
Case study
Case study Case study
Case study
Workshop 4 4: Enteral access devices, 5: Enteral nutrition systems
Workshop 5
Chapter 11 NST establishment and operation (roles, teamwork, and team building)
CLOSING Completion ceremony/commemorative photo
End of Schedule

*Case studies:
(1) Multiple injuries
(2) Inflammatory bowel disease
(3) Stomach cancer (case (1), (2))
(4) Type 2 diabetes
(5) Kidney failure
(6) Bedsores
(7) Severe acute pancreatitis
(8) COPD
(9) Pancreatic cancer
(10) Cerebrovascular disease
Eight (8) of the above cases will be studied.