TNT Overview

Total Nutrition Therapy (TNT) was developed as an original educational program for disseminating clinical nutrition. As a global standard, this program is intended for physicians throughout the world. In Japan too, it is expanding through the sponsorship of the Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

TNT started its worldwide spread in Chicago in June 1996, and Japan has participated in this project as well. TNT is a requirement for receiving educational institution certification as a "Nutrition Support Team (NST) operation institution" accredited by the Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

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*TNT (Total Nutrition Therapy) is a registered trademark of Abbott Japan.

TNT Overview

  1. TNT is a life long learning course for physicians that pertains to clinical nutrition. The course content is based on literature related to clinical nutrition therapy and this educational system utilizes workshops, case studies, and lectures in a highly interactive format.
  2. Physicians who complete the course acquire the ability to evaluate patients' nutritional status, and learn how to select the best nutrition therapy for patients.
  3. The TNT course corresponds to at least 10 hours of training for a specified full-time physician, an institutional standards requirement that allows medical fees to be added for nutrition support teams.
  4. Enrolling in the TNT course is one of the requirements for physicians to apply to become an accredited physician by Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.
  5. The TNT course corresponds to the seminars prescribed in item 6 of the New Institution Accreditation Standards in Article 7 of the NST Operation Institution Accreditation Standards of the Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.
    At least one physician who attends the NST physician educational seminars (including TNT workshops) hosted or co-hosted by the Society is full-time (also recognized when not an active team member).

Course Requirements

(1) To take the course, one must be a physician (or dentist with a physician's license) who works in Japan.

(2) Medical staff such as pharmacists or registered nurses who do not have a physician's license may participate as observers if the venue has openings. If interested, please contact the TNT Committee Secretariat by email. Please understand that if you are admitted as an observer, a certificate of attendance will be issued to you.

*If you are a dentist who does not have a physician's license and who wishes to take this workshop for the purpose of acquiring qualifications as an accredited dentist, please understand that, since 2017, participation is no longer a qualification requirement for the accredited dentist examination.

In order to meet the qualification requirement for taking such examination, participants are asked to enroll in the required seminars for the NST therapist examination, and LLL live course 4 or higher.

Purpose of TNT

The purpose of the TNT course is to help improve the quality of medical care in Japan by providing participants with knowledge and abilities in clinical nutrition as a form of postgraduate education, enabling them to offer a high level of nutrition support based on each patient's condition.

Furthermore, the purpose is to develop physicians who have mastered the basics of clinical nutrition and can perform a central role in actual nutrition management together with medical staff.

Expansion of TNT in Japan

TNT courses have been sponsored and held by the Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism, contributing to the expanded use of Total Nutrition Therapy in Japan.
Also, certification as an accredited educational institution in the "NST Therapist System" recognized by the Japanese Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism necessitates the presence of a full-time accredited physician (supervisory physician) recognized by the Society. A TNT workshop is one of the workshops/seminars that must be taken in order to apply for accredited physician status.

TNT Organization

Introduction to TNT Curriculum

TNT curriculum

  • 11-chapter slide session
  • 5 workshops
  • 6 case studies
    The curriculum above forms a program that is protected by copyright.

The course is held on two consecutive days and led by local instructors.

It is basically intended for about 60-80 participants. Normally, lectures are presented to all participants, while workshops and case studies are conducted in groups consisting of 15 to 20 persons.

After participants have attended lectures, the lecture content is applied to the case studies or workshops, raising the proficiency level.

During case studies, participants interact with instructors, and workshops become opportunities for practical exercises using PEG devices, pumps, and such.

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TNT Workshop Participation Fee

The course fee is 25,000 yen, which includes the workshop participation fee and box lunch. (Box lunches are 1,000 yen/day.)
Please pay the course fee at the reception area on the given day. A receipt will be provided at the reception area.

Number of TNT Workshop Participants

As of the end of December 2019, 24,873 persons have completed the workshop.

Workshop Schedule

In view of the current situation, it was deemed difficult to promptly hold various seminars. All TNT workshops for FY 2020 were thus suspended.
We deeply apologize for this inconvenience to the physicians and institutions that were considering participating.

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